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Things We Usually do On Saturdays

  • Kids' sport functions like soccer games, track meets etc.
  • Errands like trips to Costco and Lowes.
  • Take our dogs for a walk at the beach or park.
  • Mow the Lawn.
  • Be Lazy on the couch.
  • Home repair or gardening.
  • Throw a movie on the wall1 and sack out on bean bags with M&Ms, Popcorn or other Junk Food!
  • Visit with Friends


I bet you thought this page would be empty, because I am too busy sleeping in on Saturdays to really come up with some activities to write about! Of course, anyone who has children is shaking their head "No" at this point, because they know how utterly absurd that first statement is. In fact, if I were to claim that I spent Saturdays sleeping in, my entire credibility as a "Retro-Housewife" would be lost, and many would begin to suspect that I am, in fact, a cheeky college student masquerading as a housewife.

Having children means that you will not sleep in again for at least 18 years, (to calculate the number of years it will be before you can sleep in on the week-end, take your youngest child's age, and then subtract it from 18). As one is often sleep deprived already when trying to perform this calculation, I have provided a simple calculator to help with this...

WHAT DO YOU DO ON SATURDAYS? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline! - P.S. If you have a topically related Blog, site or MySpace etc. page, I will be happy to link to it from your tip...although I retain the right not to disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer, legal stuff that keeps me out of trouble. Basically, I don't want any of the bad stuff we all try to avoid on the net.

Saturdays:  Saturdays are family cleaning day when every one has to commit a couple hours to pitch in. Sent in by Lisa in Michigan! October 25, 2007

Sleep In Calculator!

Enter The Age of your Youngest Child:

You can look forward to sleeping in on the week-end in about:

Family Favorites:

  1. X-Men 1 - 117

  2. Napoleon Dynamite (A Must See)

  3. Office Space

  4. Anything by Pixar

  5. Anything with George Clooney

  6. Walk the Line




1 This is easily done with a white wall and a projector, as well as several incomprehensible boxes which can either play, store or connect to something that will play a movie. This type of setup will change weekly, and the button sequence required for watching a movie will too, ensuring that you will never, ever watch a movie by yourself.