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1940s Swim Suits

1947 Starlet Swimwear Fashion
VACATION - Tanis Chandler of the movies enjoys the sunshine while vacationing at Arrowhead Springs, Calif.

1941 Jantzen Glamour Swim Suit with Lastex Yarn
1941 Jantzen Glamour Swim Suit with Lastex Yarn $4.95 and $5.95
"Whether you do a smooth crawl or just sun yourself -we've the swim suits you want most. Vivid sarong suit, bare midriff, sleek maillot, princess, basque and dressmaker styles. Piques, seersuckers, rayon jerseys, elasticized satins, knits, novelties. Prints, solids, stripes, while, black. Misses, women."

Nowadays, I suppose these suits would count as Womens Plus Size Swimwear - some of the styles are even similar...

Swimaway* Suits...All Cash-and-carry Priced!
1949 Penny's Swimaway Suit
2-piece . . .  bra and pants. 32-38.

"Wear with or without straps. Shiny lastex highlights your summer tan . . . gives a smooth fit for pretty sunning!"
1949 Penny's Swimaway Suits
Bathing Fashions for Women and Girls
Left: Shiny lastex in colors to highlight your summer tan! Brief half skirl, inner rayon panel dyed to match. Sizes 32-38. Right: If she loves the water and loves to play - this suit is just right for her. Sturdy lastex gives freedom and control. 8-14.


Retro Swimsuits and Bathing Suits

Miss Telitha Ellis and Miss Mariane Petty In Swimsuits 1940
BATHING BEAUTIES . . Warm summer days conduce many types of recreation- garden parties, golf, tennis, boating, dancing in the moonlight, motoring, bicycling and just plain lounging- but one of the most popular sports on the warmest days is swimming. This attractive group of Ogden's young sub-debs is enjoying a day at Patio Springs. (1940)

1960s Swimwear

1967 Cole Of California Swimsuit Coverup From The Collection Called 'Innocence'.1967 Cole of California's White Crochet Mio Swimsuit With A High Victorian Collar.1967: A flirty swim shift, left, Dacron in a sunburst of permanent pleats, is a Cole of California swimsuit coverup from the collection called "Innocence".

1967: "Innocence" can be deceptive, right, as in Cole of California's white crochet mio with a high Victorian collar edged in the same lace that rings the legs and armholes.

What Glass Do You Pour Into?

With a bow to the hourglass ideal of the turn of the century, one major swimsuit manufacturer has crystallized its experience with American figures into six basic shapes:

  1. The Pilsner - tall, statuesque, heavier at shoulders, slim hips.
  2. The Inverted Goblet - small bust and heavy hips.
  3. The Champagne - large bust and small hips.
  4. The Snifter - large, mature figure.
  5. The Cordial - petite, short-waisted.
  6. The Perfect Parfait - perfectly proportioned with bust and hips both 10 inches larger than waist.

The latter, swimsuit people say, is so rare you may never see one.

July 5, 1962

1960s EMILIO PUCCI Bikini Nylon and spandex deep coral, turquoise and beige floral motif with EPFR imprint.1960s Emilio Pucci Bikini abstracted bandana print cotton bikini top and boy shorts. (source: Los Angeles expert Cameron Silver)
1970s Swimwear

1977 Bikini and One Piece Swimsuit

1977 Swimsuit from the Sears Catalog

Here are some lovely swimsuits from the '70s!  And the 1970s bathing beauty look would just not be complete without a pair of really large sunglasses! Dig those shades!

Crochet Suits were very popular in the 1970s, I myself had a brown crochet bikini in 1978. (Don't try wearing brown suits unless you tan well, btw.)1977 Swimwear In fact, then top model Cheryl Tiegs graced the cover of Time Magazine in a white or cream colored one piece bathing suit. Whoever crocheted that suit played a little fast and loose with the crochet needle, as the suit was completely see-through "Up There". 1970s Swimsuit in Blue and Purple

But then what else do you expect from a bunch of Hippies!

Roxy D-Cup 70's Halter Bikini Top BlackRoxy Retro Tie Side Reversible Bikini Bottoms Black
Roxy Retro 1970s Style Bikini In Black

Roxy 70's Bikini Halter Top Teal

Roxy 70's Lowrider Bikini Bottoms Teal
Roxy 70's Retro Bikini in Teal 1970s Retro Bikini Bathing Suits

1970s Style Roxy Seaside Bandeau String Top
1970s Style Roxy Seaside Bandeau String Top

Roxy 70's Low Rider Tie Side Bikini Bottoms Orange
Roxy 70's Low Rider Tie Side Bikini Bottoms in Orange

1985 La Blanca One Piece Swimsuit - Black With Neon Pattern.
Women shopping for resort or cruise sportswear this season will find selecting flattering beachwear a problem. There's hardly a swimsuit around that isn't a "second skin" made for perfect figures, and the leg cuts of such suits go so high that many end up on the hipbone. The conservative leg now is the one that stops at thigh top. Should you wish to show less of the thigh than its full length and for many women, young or mature, the thighs are often an area better left covered you'll have trouble this season finding a swimsuit you'll want to face in a mirror. One aspect of the new swimsuits helps. They're all in the brightest of colors and patterns, and this draws attention away from the legs. La Blanca virtually assaults the eye with its bright turquoise, pink, green, yellow and orange prints. An abstract squiggle print in bold black runs all over an orange suit. La Blanca stripes are awning-width and chevron-patterned to accent the figure. Fruit prints take over from those of tropical flowers, and La Blanca designer Elena Valencia does a tank maillot in a watermelon theme of yellow, red, black, green and white, with a hip tie in black. At Bare Assets, half a dozen types of fruit are used in a splashy print, such as purple grapes, oranges, bananas and strawberries. With some searching, however, swimsuits with more coverage may be found. Oleg Cassini adds lace ruffling to the high-cut legs of a white suit; Norma Kamali creates a white cotton-sheeting bra and shorts suit, and her allshirred purple front, black-back halter suit is a classic sheath. Sea Fashions and Sandcastle are two other swimsuit lines that include swimsuit styles wearable by women who do not have the ultra-skinny figure of a professional model. Kokomo (Indiana) Tribune Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1985

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