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Thursday's Tasks:

  • Look around for that "Every so Often" washing that needs to be done. By this, I mean the rugs/mats in the bathroom, the grey curtains that used to be white, guest room sheets on the bed that hasn't been slept in in 6 months.. (if they have been slept in, wash them after your guests have gone, or at least wait until they are not currently in the bed.)
  • Pack up all those things you have been promising your sister you would mail her for the last 2 months, take them to the Post Office and mail them!
  • Give the house a good once over with the vacuum while practicing the waltz two three, one two three! (Remember, I am biased here...I like to vacuum.)
  • If you still watch Thursday night TV in the hope that "Friends" will come back, don't forget to pick up some ice cream or something yummy to munch while you watch! Otherwise, do this on Sunday, when "Desperate Housewives" is on. Your kids will have no problem reminding you to do this...
  • Happy Thursday!

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