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Tools Of The Trade

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    a. Find product manuals for your home appliances and other home products
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I like to make Tuesdays the day for grocery shopping, at least if we manage to coast through Monday on the week-end's leftovers. By Tuesday, I usually know what the rest of the kid's week will look like and can pick up any items that are required for the various outings, projects and functions.

Tuesday is also a great day for giving the master bedroom a thorough cleaning. The kids are also required to do one of their weekly chores on Tuesday since Monday is free since they usually get a lot of homework on Monday night.

Tuesday dinners are usually home cooked, and something hearty and substantial such as a roast chicken or pot roast. Leftovers can then be easily incorporated into sack lunches .

Other Tuesday Activities:

  • Laundry, Laundry and More Laundry - My official laundry week starts on Sunday, usually around 10:00 PM with my son showing up with a huge pile of laundry and wondering whether "I can make sure to get it done by morning"

    By Tuesday, I am usually wrapping up the last of the laundry heap and will start the process of delivering the clean clothing to the various closets. Then, for two or three days I forget I have a washer/dryer and anything remaining in the laundry room must entertain itself until Saturday, when I engage in my weekly promise to myself to start earlier than Sunday night at 10:00 PM.

    I might even go into the laundry room and shuffle around the clothes a bit, mentally noting: "I'll do darks first - then whites - then my warm, soft colors... maybe I'll toss the beagle in at the end..."

    Come Sunday night though, I can often be found babysitting my third load of blue-jeans at 2:00 in the morning, waiting for the spin cycle to finish so I can go to bed.
  • The Daily Shred

WHAT DO YOU DO ON TUESDAYS? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline! - P.S. If you have a topically related Blog, site or MySpace etc. page, I will be happy to link to it from your tip...although I retain the right not to disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer, legal stuff that keeps me out of trouble. Basically, I don't want any of the bad stuff we all try to avoid on the net.

Tuesdays: Consist of cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the floors, after Mondays vacuuming and dusting is done. Its the clean up after the weekend days. Sent in by Lisa in Michigan! October 25, 2007

Get Organized!

Our goal is at least one organizing task per week! If you decide to do it on a Tuesday, choose your Tuesday task from the list below.
  1. Tuesday Technical Task (Level 1 - Beginner) - Start a file (drawer, storage container) for all of your maintenance manuals that come with new appliances, electronics etc. Toss all your existing manuals into it. Resolve to put all future manuals in same place.
  2. Tuesday Technical Task (Level 2 -  Intermediate) - Sort your maintenance manuals in your order of choice. Sorting suggestions: alphabetic, by room or type.
  3. Tuesday Technical Task (Level 3 -  Advanced) -  Make a spread sheet containing a list of all your appliances etc, date of purchase, any product identification information (SKU, product number, serial number) amount paid, length of warranty, service dates, replacement parts etc, customer service numbers. Update regularly, and note when any rebates are due, or if product needs to be registered. Note: if you are ever robbed or your house burns down, washes away, gets blown up or blown away, you will be very happy you did this. Provided of course that your spread sheet survives. Keep both a digital copy AND a paper copy at another location such as a safety deposit box.