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12/8/2005 Original Email Sent by FT.
02/24/2006 Comment by Cindy
03/26/2006 Comment by JAMLADY10

Retro Housewife no longer necessary in today's society

You hit the nail right on the head when you mentioned how some of you take advantage of the day by wasting it away watching Oprah or Soaps. You go on by stating how some may paint or do charity work. Doesn't charity begin in the home? GO OUT AND GET A REAL JOB!

Women fought for liberation, the right to vote and equality. I for one view them as equals. Yet when it comes to being married and having kids, a good number of them use it as an excuse to stay home and do nothing! They think of themselves as princesses and feel that the man is not truly a man unless he goes out on his own and provides for the child. These same women have never picked up the skills of cooking and cleaning that their mothers had which leaves them useless.

A child has to learn respect for adults. Have you seen the children that grow up with their mothers in the home. These children are the ones who have the least amount of respect. They take advantage of their mothers and think they can get away with it outside of the home when they interact with other adults.

I grew up with the privilege of an aunt (who was paid) looking after me during my preschool years and going to school, until grade four, with an aunt and uncle. At grade five I could be trusted enough to venture off to school on my own and at grade eight I was using public transportation on my own. I skipped school once during my elementary years and learned never to do it again by my father. The memory of that punishment stuck with me throughout high school and I didn't skip school again until university. Why, due to respect for authority, which was instilled in my by my father.

Far too often, I see women choosing to be a housewife without a good enough explanation for it. You want time with your children, there's plenty of time between evenings, weekends and holidays. Get jobs that don't have you working past 5. There's still plenty of time in an evening to instill those values you want your child to be brought up with.

Let's get serious, in today's society, nutritious meals can be prepared in no time. If you stick by a schedule of housecleaning and have everyone chip in, the place can look spotless in no time. Clean up after yourselves!

By having a household where both parents contribute to the income, you'll reap the rewards of the finer things in life and still be able to bring up children with great values.

By the way, I'm a married 32 year old male with a 2 year old daughter. Our family's net worth is approximately $350,000. Our daughter is respectful and very much loved. I come from a family of immigrants, who came to this country with nothing. With both of my parents working, they were able to establish a net worth of $2 million dollars at the age of 50. My brother and I are university graduates.

There's no need for housewives!!!

02/24/06 Comment by Cindy

I say, you are right on! I wouldn't do what he does for any amount of money! What I do IS important, and HE knows that! We each have our roles, and neither one of us would trade places with the other. I thank God for the man I have. Bringing him his supper, getting his clean clothes put next to the shower for him, jumping up to refill his glass...I consider it an honor to be able to serve him. And I let him know it.


Comment by JAMLADY10

I think FT has some valid points, but he seems so angry that I wonder how happy he really is with all that security.  Slow down and smell the roses. Not everybody is supposed to be like him or his family. That's what choice is all about. Not everyone is nose to the grindstone--if they were, his parents never would have had that 2 mil.--as the competition for good would have been too great.

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