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11/01/2006 Sent by Jess

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I came across your site when I was researching 1950's housewives because I'm doing a HSC Drama monologue where my character is one. (last year of high school for Australians we do HSC exams to earn marks to get us into universities and so on)

I am personally very feministic and so are many of my friends. I have never disapproved of housewives because part of the whole point of feminism is to allow women the right to choose and dictate their own lives. My own mother is a housewife and I respect that its one of the hardest and time-consuming jobs there is.

What I don't agree with in your site is the idea of service to your husband/family. I personally had a terrible father, now I am so happy to never have to speak to him ever again because my parents separated earlier this year. My two younger brothers still speak to him, but myself and my elder brother don't. I do have a bad view of marriage from my own experiences and those of my friends. But I would myself like to get married one day and have three children.

I do very strongly believe in equality in relationships, and would never accept a man who thought himself superior. I could also never except a marriage which turned me into hardly a person of my own, where I get excitement out of new cleaning products or recipes.

Whilst I believe that at least one parent should be present most of the time for the children, it is equally the duty of the husband to come home and spend time with them, not expect a perfect household because of his 'hard day work' when the woman may have spent an equally or harder day spent on housework.

There is more to life, marriage and family then your whole life absolutely revolving around the house. You do not receive or give more love or respect by being a housewife. It doesn't make you a better wife or mother. In Australia we call it a stay-at-home-mum, these woman though are not religiously devoted to house work and husband. They have individuality, initiative, assertiveness and self-respect. If you devote your life completely to other people then you have no life left of your own.

I don't know if you've ever heard of it but the Vagina Monologues was a play which I think that maybe you'd be interested in looking up on the internet. Yes it sounds crude but it's not ultimately about the sex-organ. It's not against housewives, I'm not against housewives, its about being a woman in your own self-right.

Note from RH:

I think I will respond to this letter on my Blog, as juicy as it is!

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