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02/23/2008 Sent by JM

Proud to Be "Simple" Housewife

I am proud to be nothing but a simple housewife and mother. I became pregnant with the intention of raising my children, myself and not paying someone else to be the one to enjoy raising my children. I don't want my children raised on someone else's morals or being disciplined by someone else. I admit, it would be nice to have the benefit of a second income, especially in this economy. However, I (and my husband) would never sacrifice our children's safety for a bigger income.

I'd rather buy generic, cut coupons and sacrifice to be assured that my children are safe. I mean, how well do you really know the person you pay to raise your child? Do you know if they have a temper or if their morals are the same as yours? I'm sure the parents who had their children in day care in Michigan thought they knew those people before they found out they were running a kiddie porn ring with their pictures of the children in their care.

I realize that not everyone has the patience, nor the desire to spend 24/7 with their children. Or they absolutely need that second income. I don't feel the need to attack them for that, or question their reasons. Just as I prefer not to be judged or stereotyped for my choices. I get up every day and clean, do laundry, prepare meals, play with my youngest child and prepare her to begin school.

I do all the interior decorating on a budget and make a nice home for our family. I buy second hand furniture, strip it down and stain or paint it myself. I search for new recipes and I make my cleaning products, dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent. I do what I can to save money and cut costs. That's part of my job as a housewife.

I cook a hot dinner every day and it is ready when my husband gets home. I enjoy doing that for him and seeing him enjoy dinner. I have a vegetable garden, bake and can homemade jelly and other things. I cut the lawn every summer, rake the leaves in the fall and shovel the snow when needed. I do NOT watch soap opera's, although I did when I was first married in my 20's. These day's I have too many things to do and find those soap shows too boring and fairy tale-ish. I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for any high paying job.

We have 6 children and our children are the most important things to us. There is nothing that money could buy that we consider more important than our children. The writer of the letter may have money, lots of it too. However, I will take living on a budget and raising happy, healthy and well mannered children over money any day. I take pride in the fact that our children are doing well, they are my blessing in this life. I may be a housewife, but I am by no means USELESS!

JM a simple housewife in Toledo, Ohio

Thank you! I wish I knew how to do some of the things you do! RH