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10/21/2006 Sent by Cyndie

Comment on "Retro Housewife Not Necessary"

It sounds as if FT needs to learn that not all women who stay home lie on the couch all day watching soaps & eating bon bons. We DO have a REAL JOB, one we're darned proud of, & most of us take our jobs seriously, & perform them to the best of our abilities.

I thank God that I have a husband who appreciates that he always has a full-time housekeeper, chef (Yes, I make our meals from scratch, not from a box!), laundress, bookkeeper, professional organizer, interior decorator, seamstress, personal shopper, & a trustworthy caretaker of our children & our parents. And he knows that I thank God for him every day & that I appreciate the fact that he is the breadwinner of our family.

We are a team, & on every team each member has assigned tasks. If one member of that team fails, the entire team suffers. Cyndie

Note from RH:

It's really that simple isn't it? A team! Together better, stronger and happier than alone.

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