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10/31/2007 Sent by HB

Response To Retro Housewife Not Necessary In This Society

Who says that society is better the way it is now than the way that it used to be? It seems to me to be getting worse in many, many ways. Sure, I am grateful that women have fought for equal rights and I believe in them fully. But it came with the unpleasant side effect that we end up with two full time jobs. We're exhausted, have way too much on our plates to do anything as well as we'd like to and often times nobody is really happy.

I've had it both ways. Before I met my wonderful husband, when I was very young and stupid, I made the mistake of marrying a guy who thought that I should earn as much money as him (I earned more) and have a second job doing everything else at home. I never sat down until I dropped into bed for the night and when I finally did get to bed he'd want sex and be a jerk when I was too tired and resentful. Meanwhile he sat on his butt after work every night and watched television and made messes. Now that was being taken advantage of and treated like a doormat. I really needed the security of a job in that relationship because he was a selfish, selfish man. I really resented giving everything and getting nothing and I eventually left him.

My new husband is my soulmate ( about 6.5 years together now). He would (and did) fully support me in my career (I was an accountant). But together we came to the decision that I should stay at home and do all of the wonderful and valuable things that I do to improve the quality of our lives and save us quite a bit of money. The things that I do to keep the home, our finances and our lives running smoothly allow him to focus on his career. I also help him with work related tasks as needed. When he hits the door at the end of the day his responsibilities are over and the pampering begins. He deserves it because he is wonderful, kind and loving to me and he truly appreciates absolutely everything that I do. Since we made the decision for me to stay at home, my support has enabled him to make an extra $3,000 a month. We are both very happy and more in love every single day. He feels that I make his life much easier and much better and says that he doesn't know how he did it without me before. As a happy and energetic wife who is appreciated and loves and appreciates her husband I am happy to engage in "snuggle time" at the end of the day .