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01/30/2009 Sent by Sally

Must Defend Housewife Choice To Brain Dead Career Women

I'm 27 and a housewife/stay at home mum to my two boys age 3 and 1 1/2, one with autism. I was so pleased to find your website, a site that has a positive attitude towards housewives.

I have never felt more fulfilled and rewarded then I do in position I am in now. But it feels like I am constantly having to defend my position to people. I get comments such as 'I'd go brain dead if I did that' or 'you should do something for yourself'. I always feel I'm looked down on as a poor woman who should go and get a job. People forget that its meant to be a choice, the government especially - which is trying to force single parents and women back into work, when all they want to do is raise a family.

The government is now offering free nursery places for 2 year olds to try and get women out to work. They don't realize its never been a financial issue, women want to stay home and look after their children; they don't want some nursery nurse to potty train and cook lunch for their child.

I'm proud of being a housewife, I feel very privileged to take care of the home, my children and my husband. Women who choose this should be as respected as those who go and work 12 hours as a lawyer for example.

Both me and my husband are very traditional and I'm so pleased to have found your website. Many thanks for the great job your doing,