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06/14/2009 Sent by Michele M.

Helpful Housewife Cleaning Schedule

Dear Retro Housewife,

I loved your website....I was a stay-at-home mom while my kids were growing up and I always was asked....well, what do you do? I didn't just loaf that's for sure:

  • I had a cleaning schedule like the one on your website, plus I had a day a month that I cleaned the baseboards, took care of the pets, etc.
  • I raised 4 children
  • President of a children's organization (250 children, 25 teachers).
  • Baked 7 loaves of bread a week from scratch. Went through 7 gallons of milk a week.
  • Family had home cooked meals everyday, and we sat down together for breakfast and dinner. Kids had a snack after school, usually homemade cookies.
  • Had time to play tennis with my girlfriends twice a week.
  • Volunteered at United Way - did recording for the blind.
  • 3 of my sons were in Boy Scouts. They also were in Little League, football, etc. My daughter took dance.
  • I still had more time for me: family history research, swimming in our pool, walk our dogs, visit with friends, shop, watch old movies, sew, read biographies and history.
  • At one time, I was a Boy Scouts district commissioner, Cub Den Leader, Room Mother Chairman.
  • Our family went to church every Sunday, where I taught Sunday lessons.
  • We had pets; German Shepherds, cats, bird and all the "babies that come with them"
  • I hiked with my boys, took my kids to museums, concerts, etc.
  • Everyone said how organized I was.....but I had a blast! I loved my family, my home and all the blessings it brought.
  • Now, my children are raised, I work outside the home full-time, and the ladies tell me they would be so bored if they had to stay home... IT IS BEYOND ME! Bored at home... NEVER WAS! When I had spare time, I took classes in canning and freezing, dehydrating at our local Adult School in the summer. I took the kids gleaning fields for strawberries, tomatoes. We went to ballgames, swim meets, played volleyball. Went on a few vacations.

    Women are very lucky if they can stay home and raise their families. Don't trade your life in to go to work for someone else. Your fulfillment comes from you fulfilling your dreams, and those of your family. Count your blessings!



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