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08/16/2008 Sent by Ingrid

Being A House Wife

I am being a housewife in Hungary. I am a Norwegian nurse, and I never planned too be working at home. But my husband got transferred, and now I don't speak the language, and can't get a job. So I decided to get any job! I got a job at an international company. Still I know that my husband will work long hours, and I can help the situation by doing some housework. In my situation doing some housework means that we have some time together after work. I think the key to do housework is this: He has to appreciate it! I don't want to do anything for some idiot who doesn't appreciate me. After we moved to Hungary, he really does. And I understand, if I want to do nursing abroad or anything, he will understand.

I am a great fan of housewives anywhere, cause I know what you deal with. My best regards to all wives.


Dear Ingrid,

Thank you for the nice letter. I know how hard/great it can be living in a foreign country because of a husband's transfer - I think you did the right thing getting a job at an international company - you will meet people that way even if it is not in your own profession.

How gracious and practical that you have taken on the housework, too. But if I may make one suggestion: in your situation I would also hire a cleaning girl once or twice a week - with two incomes you should be able to afford it, and there is no sense working yourself to the bone. Use the extra time for yourself - go shopping - hang out in a cafe with a good book - learn Hungarian. (Hungarian is a mysterious language - it has no known connections to either Slavic, Germanic or Romance languages - at least that is what I have been told.)

Anyway, consider yourself CEO of the household and allow yourself the perks - you'll be happier and your husband will be too!




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