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10/19/2007 Sent by Lisa in Michigan

Proud Michigan Mom

Although women are liberated and can work and vote and what ever else we want. We also have a choice. My husband and I choose for me to stay at home, raise our children ( rather than have a daycare or nanny do so) and care for the home. My husbands roll is to be a strong role model for our sons, he earns the income and basically let's me decide the rest. My sons would have it no other way. Does that mean I will down a daughter in law who may choose to have a career as well as a family... Not at all. This is my choice, I am following my beliefs and frankly I believe if more Mothers stayed home and were happy being housewife's and raising the children they bear we would not have all of the problems as a society that we have today.

I'm tired of the excuse that in today's world it takes two incomes to "make it". No folks it does not. It takes being satisfied with what you can afford within your means. There is nothing in this world you will take with you when you die. There is however, a lot you will leave behind and I wish to leave behind for my children a strong sense of morals, importance of family and compassion for one another and your neighbors.

I still greet new neighbors with cookies, pies or sometimes candles what ever hits me at the time. When a friend is ill, I take meals over. Do others do so for me? Some times. Do I care if they don't? Not at all. I understand I am "different" and I love it. My children are all in school now. Do I sit and watch soaps all day? Nope. I volunteer at school, for cub scouts, I'm able to make dinner and have everyone fed before practices and games. I am able to care for a sick child without having to call in and explain to my "boss" or rely on someone else to care for my child.

My husband has said many times, there is not enough money in the world that would make him change places with me, he found out how hard my "job" is when I was ill myself once. So if making 300,000 + a year is more important to you than being available at the drop of a hat for your family...well when your 20 or 30 year old is looking you in the eye and asking you why you weren't around more....Good Luck explaining material items were more important to you. Materialistic parents create materialistic children. Not one of my son's will ever be able to say I was not here for him!

Lisa in Michigan