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08/26/2007 Sent by Terry Lynn

Proud Housewife and Stay At Home Mom From Ontario

Dear Retrohousewife,

I am just writing in to say I LOVE this website, I am a proud housewife and SAHM to two lovely boys, now 2 ˝ and 6 years of age, and I am most blessed to witness their growth, as well as their overall development on a daily basis.

 As a young girl, I was raised with societal expectations of “having it all”, but through maturity and witnessing on a daily basis the ramifications of institutionalized child care arrangements ( I worked as an Early Childhood Educator in a school setting), the realization that I wanted so much more for my offspring was paramount in my mind. So in 1999, I stunned my day care co-workers, quit my supervisor job and came home to become a housewife two years before my first little man was born.

I have never looked back either, or regretted my actions. What I wished for my children to experience, the same upbringing that I had, the warmth of coming home to a parent being there for them always. My mother left her teaching profession in the early seventies to raise my brother and I. She never regretted her decision; when I changed careers paths from being a day care teacher to that of housewife- my mother was my greatest support, as she was a product of a mom who stayed home as well.

So I proudly tell everyone, that I love being there for my boys, and would not miss this for all the teas in china. So from one proud housewife to another, thank you for this website, it is such an inspiration!

Terry Lynn

Ontario, Canada

P.S. I loved your picture of the retro 1950’s kitchen table- it inspired me to order 1950’s chairs complete with chrome legs, to go with a formica table top and chrome legs (although it doesn’t have the chrome on the table) it looks great in my kitchen!

Thank you!