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For those who were wondering: East Victoria Park is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia. In looking for a nice site about East Victoria Park to link to, this was the best I could find: Nice Site About E. Vic Park, it is a page with houses for sale in EVP. Kind of relates, since there is a "House" in Housewife! Plus, now we can visualize life down there with far more accuracy! Having never been to Australia, this is what usually pops into my mind:
Kangaroo Crossing Road Sign
Silly Me!


11/27/2006 Sent by The Housewife of East Vic Park

Comment on "Letter from Australia"

Hello Retro-Housewife, 

I have just found your blog and I will take some time to read through it all. But I just wanted to drop you a line in response to the comment you were sent from the girl in Australia, Jess. I am not sure how old Jess is, but when I was younger, I was 100% with her.  But as I grew older and wiser (I am only 30 though) I came to the understanding that being a housewife isn't about being some little underling to one's husband. 

I refer to myself as a 50s housewife because I chose to give up my career and focus on being a housewife and stay-at-home-mum.  I contribute to the family by cooking, cleaning and childrearing.  My husband supports me by not insisting I earn money (like many of my friend's partners).  I am as feminist as they come but my goal of the day is having a clean house and kids and meal on the table.  If I don't (most times I don't) no matter.  But it is my choice to want to and there isn't anything demeaning or inferior about it. 

My advice to Jess is to keep her views but to be open minded.  Both my husband's and my parents are divorced too and we both have very realistic views about marriage and gender roles (he was raised by a single mum too and is as much a feminist is I am).  But this model works for us.  For now. So I will keep reading, Retro Housewife, because you sound very interesting. 

I have only just started blogging and you might find my blog a bit trivial, but in case you want to have a look, the site is   


Housewife of East Vic Park

Dear Housewife of East Vic Park!

Welcome to the world of the online housewife! Do you have any Australian Recipes you could send me? I would love to have some housewife related stuff from Aussieland for my site, (trade you!) right now I am stuck with combing thru ebay for Wonderful Things! As you can see from THIS VERY LARGE EBAY ADVERTISEMENT, eBAY is in Australia too!

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Doing What Makes Sense...

For many, choosing not to work outside the home just makes sense! Especially when you consider the cost of child care, which in the US can be quite steep! You have to figure at least $500 - $700 per month for each school-aged kid, and that is for state subsidized care. Private day-long care centers start at $900 a month, and are tough to get in to! Then there are the real costs!

Extra stress on the kids for having to be "Not Home" all day,

Extra stress getting kids to and from daycare, then going to work/home to fix dinner.

Feeling guilty all the time because at the end of the day you are just too damn tired to devote yourself fully to the kids.

Extra stress on the marriage because of all the extra stress.

Plus, at least here in the US, your average daycare worker makes less than the strawberry pickers, is probably in school herself and knows BEANS about dealing with kids. And that's if you're lucky.