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03/09/2008 Sent by Delmar

A Reader Response To Madeline (Original Letter)


As a husband with a working wife I would like very much to say something in defense of all women that wish to be housewives and stay at home moms.

My wife was a feminist and women's libber in the 70's. She said that she could do anything a man could do. I admit she was right. She has gone from the comfort of arising when she pleases and working at her own pace to arising to her alarm clock to be at her cubicle where her "freedom" has given her a 6 foot square area to work at her boss's pace!

She no longer has the freedom to chat with the neighbor women as she pleases or to drop everything to go to the school for PTA meetings. Neither can she just modify her daily schedule or take a day off as she needs or pleases. She is equal and free! Her feminist ideas have come to light!

Women have a vital function within the family unit and that which feminists have esteemed demeaning was and is very important to the family structure! Just look at a bachelor pad! If you can wade through the mess you just might be able to find him!

My wife has freely admitted her so-called freedom has enslaved her. She says that her pride and ego were the downfall of her enjoying her life after the kids were grown and moved out. She knows that she could have had more quality time with the children while they were at home and that now that they are married and living in another state it is too late!

As a man that was a househusband for 3 years I know what being a housewife is like. It doesn't go well with a man's nature. But that's the trouble with society today. Women want to be men and men want to be women. There's no clear cut distinction of the sexes or the roles they hold. Why? Because that would be sexist! A man would be a male chauvinist pig to think that a woman should be a wife and mother! How dare he stick up for women who take pride in forsaking the modern ways of life to go back to issues more important than making a wage or name for themselves and then being too tired to spend it! Issues more important than "being equal" to a man! Some equality and freedom! Cubicles and time-clocks!

Some freedom! Don't do what that husband says! But you better do what that boss says! Maybe you are sickened by these ladies but there are still some of us that realize the importance of a woman that is willing to be a help mate for her husband, run a household and raise children to be productive citizens of society and not the ignored rotten snots that end up in gangs doing drugs and thinking the world owes them a living!

As an ex-househusband I have experienced both sides of the housewife issue and both my wife and I agree that the stay at home moms and retro housewives should be admired for the sacrifices they make to bring order to a household and in raising children.

Many women today should rethink their thoughts about equality and freedom. True equality is the equality to have an equal wage for an equal job. That is something most "free and equal" women still do not have. They have deceived themselves into thinking their jobs have made them free and equal only to be enslaved by the whims of an employer whom they don't really know outside the workplace.

They aren't respected for being a woman in the workplace. Many times they are tolerated because the laws of the land mandate it! But, stay deceived if you would like. As for me and my wife, we acknowledge the worth of housewives and stay at home mothers.