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07/21/2009 Sent by Rockin' Grandma

So Glad!

I am a 55 year old mother of five (including twins) and grandmother to a two-year old. I am so grateful to find other women out there who also believe that being a wife and/or mother is a full-time vocation.

There are too many sad stories about children in daycare, that I could relate. Children don't belong in institutions being raised by strangers. Put simply, they need their mother. These younger generations no longer have a true childhood.

Many women I see raising children nowadays, who were raised in daycare centers themselves, have very poor parenting skills. (Hence the need for "Nanny" shows.) It is the children who suffer, in so many ways, when the mother is hardly ever home.

I do realize that many women can no longer afford to stay home, even if they wanted to do so. But, I can tell you that many of them would be surprised that they could. It is a matter of sacrificing just a few unnecessary things in their lives.

The housing industry, however, both in buying and renting, has to 'get real' as far as the ridiculously high mortgage and renting rates are concerned.

I only worked two of the thirty years during which I raised my children and those two years had an adverse effect upon them. My children were home-schooled for seven years and as a result, we have had a close relationship, especially between my daughter and myself.

My years as a mother were the most fulfilling of my life.

Now, after having gone back to work for a year, I am back to devoting myself to being a full-time grandmother, wife and homemaker and am enjoying and loving every minute of it. I babysit for my grandson several days a week so that he does not have to be placed in daycare. My husband so appreciates my being home. And, yes, dinner is on the table when he gets home from work and I bake cookies!

So many modern women are full-time slaves. Just look at their day. They think they are fulfilled, but how much time do they actually have to themselves? How much time is spent in actually raising their children other than carting them off to soccer and baseball and helping with homework? I also believe that marriages are a lot stronger when the woman can stay at home, as well.

When people say to me, "I would be too bored if I stayed home all the time"...I say to them, "then grow a brain." A woman who stays home can study anything she wants, paint, do crafts, write, get out in nature, do all kinds of things, including, and most especially, becoming more involved with your children and grandchildren.

I am not horribly old-fashioned, I am not a prude, I happen to like rock music and am a Wiccan. Most people who see me, don't realize how old I am. It is simply time that the true value of being a wife and a mother is again recognized.

To those young mothers out there who stay home with their children...good for you! And don't ever, ever apologize!