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Father's Day 2007 is right around the corner...? What will you do for your father? What are the most popular gifts?

  1. According to, father's day ranks right up there with Christmas in terms of sales. Their best seller? Personalized golf balls and gear for dad.

Husbands, an Endangered Species? Afraid to Commit: Young Men Want to Wait on Marriage

Home Depot - Proud Sponsor Father's Day - 2006
With Father's day approaching, I am spotting all kinds of ads geared towards dads.  Home Depot is even a "Proud Sponsor" of Father's Day! (2006)


A Salute to Husbands and Dads from the Retro Housewife

Something I think we often forget in today's feminist oriented world, is to really appreciate the guys; the fathers, husbands and friends that make it possible for us to be Retro Housewives in the first place! It's been a long time since the 1946 movie "It's a Wonderful Life" was made where we see George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, find out what life would be like without him: George faced bumps in the road as a businessman and was in such despair that he was considering jumping off a bridge into some very cold water! An angel shows him his worth to the community, as a husband and father and human being. How refreshing!

So let's take some time each day to appreciate our boys! You don't have to build him a life-sized statue of himself, just send him off with a kiss in the morning, even if you are mad at him! You'll get something much better in return!

I am going to post things in this section that somehow acknowledges the importance of husbands and fathers! Stay tuned, let's see what I find!

Later that month...

Funny Father's Day Gift Idea - A PajamaGram of Crossword Puzzle Pajamas!

OK, Here is something funny...I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but this guy's pajamas are one big crossword puzzle! If your guy has a sense of humor, or loves to do crossword puzzles, these are the PJs for him!

There are also added benefits to these pajamas, in that it would be nearly impossible to be mad at him whilst he is wearing these...If your kids are looking for a father's day gift for their dear old dad, I can imagine that receiving these as a gift would beat out the tired old necktie any old day! There is also a company called  "Pajamagram" that will deliver them A-Gram style.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Tell us at the retro housewife hotline!

To My Husband With Love To My Husband With Love
Well the title sounds nice, need to take a peek and see what's in it...

Father's Day

The first official father's day was celebrated in 1910, but the holiday was not officially recognized until 1972. Read more about the History of Father's Day in the US at Wikipedia.

Father's Day Fact

More collect calls are made on Father's day than on any other day of the year.