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Girl's Pocket Card Thank You Note.
Girl's Pocket Card Thank You Note
Do your kids groan at the mention of writing Thank You notes?

Christmas Cards

Sending Christmas cards is a great way of getting back into writing letters. That way, the recipients won't die of shock when getting a letter from you if you haven't written for awhile!


This is the place to come to view some of the letters and emails Retro Housewife visitors have sent in. Retro Housewife reserves the right to edit items sent to her (without changing the intent and meaning of the writer). RH will, however, remove any naughty words and perhaps correct the spelling. Cookies and Milk Anyone?

Not Much Has Changed April, 23, 2011 Sent by Anna

So Glad... 07/21/2009 Sent by Pam (Rockin' Grandma)

Helpful Housewife Cleaning Schedule 06/14/2009 Sent by Michele M.

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Proud to Be "Simple" Housewife 02/23/2009 Sent by JM

Must Defend Housewife Choice To Brain Dead Career Women 01/30/2009 Sent by Sally

Death Of A Spouse Or Divorce What Is A Housewife To Do? 12/04/2008 Sent by IB.

Housewife in Hungary - 08/16/2008 Sent by Ingrid

Disgusted 07/20/2008 Sent by Madeleine H

Keep Up The Good Work Encouraging Women To Embrace Being A Housewife, Not Regret It! 03/09/2008 Sent by Valaree

Response to 'Retro Housewife Not Necessary In This Society' - 10/31/2007 Sent by HB

Proud Michigan Mom - 10/19/2007 Sent by Lisa

Proud Housewife from Ontario - 08/26/2007 Sent by Terry Lynn

Making The Living Worthwhile - 06/16/2007 - Sent by Lori

Stay At Home Mom From Nebraska (26) - 06/07/2007 Sent by Erica

Thank you  - Sent by Rebekah 05/31/2007

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Comment on Comment! 11/27/2006 Sent by The Housewife of East Vic Park (Near Perth, Australia!!!)

Critique of 11/01/2006 Sent by Jess from Australia

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Quick Question 03/20/2006 Sent by SM

Comment on the page "Retro Housewife Beware" -03/07/2006 Sent by SB

Comment on the Site Colors 01/30/2006

Retro Housewife no longer necessary in today's society - 12/8/2005 Sent by FT.


The Lost Art of Letter Writing 
Monogrammed Stationery
Monogrammed Stationery
Does anybody still write letters? Much of what we know about history, important people from bygone times, their thoughts, fears and love affairs is through their letters. So don't be shy!

Write Some Letters!

  1. Flat Cards and Calling Cards
  2. Note Cards
  3. Letterhead
  4. Thank You Notes
  5. Christmas Cards
  6. Letter writing software pre-written business, sales, and personal letters for any occasion in over 500 categories.

Manners - To make sure you won't forget your thank-you note
Manners - To make sure you won't forget your thank-you note to a week-end hostess, write it as soon as you get home. 1966


The Calling Card

Strawberry Lime Plaid Calling Card by Stacy Claire Boyd