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Ritalin and Kids

When my son was in the 3rd grade, the school principal told me I should take him to a psychiatrist and possibly have him medicated. He was very active and disruptive they said. He couldn't concentrate. Turns out, what they meant by this was that he got into arguments in the lunch line with other boys, talked too much during class and had trouble sitting still. In other words, he wasn't a girl.

Well needless to say, I did NOT medicate him, since I knew from our home life that he could sit for hours doing something that interested him (not tv or video games). Legos were good for 2 hours at least. What he needed was good old fashion discipline and respect, as well as an outlet for his energy. The outlet was Soccer, and now my suspected ADD child is an almost straight A student with a love for soccer.

Why did I say that he was not a girl? Because we now reward only girl behavior in school. Girls are wonderful creatures, but in my opinion, easier to deal with in the classroom. They are sociable at an earlier age. They do have problems of course, but we will talk about that on another page.

So what if I had medicated my son? I would have to say that the sickness that I was treating is "BEING A BOY". Hmmm

Is that where we are going? I am not a doctor, and these are just my thoughts.... but If I were not home to deal with this issue, then what would have happened? Boys on drugs I think...

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