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Listen to the Rock & Roll Housewife's Music!

Renee Cologne - Housewife
Renee Cologne - I Know I Said


Renee owns between 40 - 50 pairs of shoes! How many do you own?
10 or Fewer
11 - 20
21 - 50

Talking about Renee

The Rock & Roll Housewife

Renee Cologne

(See...I told you housewives are cool!)

I am not a music critic, but I know what I like! I came across the Rock and Roll Housewife by accident, and of course I had to have a listen...another Housewife out there doing her thing! Can't pass that up!

Turns out she does it pretty well too! Upon first listen, you may wonder whether the Housewife bit is a gimmick... she doesn't evoke Doris Day, June Cleaver or any of our dear-to-heart stereotype housewives. You would more expect to find her at the Lilith Fair clinking glasses with the likes of Sheryl Crow and Ms. Oh So Pissed Off Ani diFranco (Don't get me wrong, there are moments in life where one could almost not survive without singing along to a few choice ani difranco lyrics).

Renee Cologne - The Rock and Roll Housewife

But I digress. Why housewife? You have to listen to the lyrics. Renee Cologne on her album "Rock and Roll Housewife" is what happens when a housewife (who also happens to be pretty darn talented and has a few music degrees in her cookie jar...ok and her own production company, Backdoor Records) gets creative.

Did I mention she grew up in a circus?

If I had to describe her music, the first word that comes to mind is sultry. Then edgy, then strangely familiar... Supercalifragilistic...... wait...just what does she plan to do with that Fed Ex man?





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