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iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot

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Scooba from iRobot, RATING: VERY GOOD

I got a Scooba from iRobot for Christmas this year! We have named him Scoobie.


First Use: 12/27/2006 in the kitchen. Love it. I have been using Scooba in the kitchen on tile floor, as well as in the bathrooms (also tile). I ran out of cleaning solution so now I am looking into the best place to get more Scooba leaning solution.

Still out of Scooba cleaning solution...I lag, I know. April 9th, 2007. But... I just bought 6 bottles of Clorox 5959 Scooba Cleaning Solution for my Scooba (See right hand column for cost differences!) So as soon as my Scooba cleaning solution gets here, I will be back in business!

Boy did that take forever to get my Scooba cleaning solution! It came on May 9th! I almost forgot I had ordered it!


Scooba is, in my opinion, the most useful and wonderful of my 3 little robots. Not that the others aren't doing their job, but floor washing is something that I always seem to put off. Having Scoobie Scooba changes this (until I run out of cleaning solution) because I can turn the Scooba on, and then do something else until he's done and the floor is dry. The floor gets much cleaner than it does with the Swiffer too.

October 15th, 2009: My Scooba stopped charging about 3 months ago, and my floors haven't been properly washed since. You just don't get them as clean when you use a Swiffer. I keep meaning to order a new battery for my Scooba, but haven't thus far. The Scooba lasted the longest of my three little robots. It still works, it is just the battery that died. (I hope).


iRobot Scooba 5900

iRobot Scooba 5900

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Scooba Cleaning Solution

  1. Grocery Store Price - ?? (Didn't Have it at
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