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Buying a new set of dishes or selecting a set for your bridal registry.

Here are a few important things to remember when selecting tableware.

A lot of cool dishes come in different shapes and sizes. Make sure that you know whether the dinnerware you are selecting will fit in your dishwasher. Large dinner plates that look beautiful on the table can block the spinning arm of the dishwasher or just press up against the top rack. Also, your dishes might not fit in a standard kitchen cabinet and they might need to be stored elsewhere. Some shapes might not work at all in your dishwasher. If you go for an Asian look and buy a set with small sushi plates, they might just slip through.


Lets face it, dinner plates and coffee mugs are probably going to chip. Darker colors show the chips, lighter colors hide them. If you are the type of person who is going to throw the cup away if you see the chip, think before you buy your eggplant dinnerware. Darker colors also have a better chance of fading. Unless you wash all the dishes the same amount you will soon notice that you now have two different sets of dishes - violet and eggplant. Lastly, pick a color that will coordinate with other colors so you can spice up your table easily often and inexpensively with different pieces from different manufacturers.


When you pick your dishes, think about how they will look with other pieces in your kitchen and dinning room. Think of your dish set as a new suit that you want to wear to work each day, wear to dinner on Friday night, and that you can throw in the wash at the end of the week. Ornate styles, or styles with oversize coffee cups and other pieces are extra trouble to clean and might not be worth all the trouble. Bottom line, pick something that you love on the table and can throw in your dishwasher and fit in your kitchen cabinets.

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Yellow Color Blocks Dinnerware Set

Fiestaware Dinnerware - Cinnabar

  Dinner Plate Salad Plate Soup Bowl Cup Saucer
Color Blocks Dinnerware Set, Yellow 11" 9" 6" 14-oz.
Fiestaware Dinnerware 10.5" 7" 6.25" 10.25-oz.