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Shennie Smith

Photo Of Shennie 2009

Photo Of Shennie Smiling - 2009

Where's Shennie Smith? 
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Singer at Large

Shennie can now be found on the web at:

Shennie (short for Shenandoah, meaning Daughter of the Stars) Smith was born in Oslo, Norway. Although this is were she primarily grew up, she spent a few years of her childhood in Lillehammer, and at the age of 8 she spent one year in Atlanta, GA.
She moved away from Norway at the age of 19, on an adventure to study Spanish and philosophy in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. After living there for a semester, she decided to move to California to pursue her dream as a singer and actress, and at the age of 22, she is now living and loving her life in Santa Barbara.

Shennie Smith Sings In Santa Barbara, California

Shennie has always been a singer, from even before she could talk. It is her biggest passion, dream and goal to be a successful singer, and she quotes; "when I say I want to be famous, I'm not talking about the glamour and rich lifestyle surrounding fame. I am talking about being recognized and acknowledged for doing what I love and being good at it, and to be able to show people that it is safe to follow their dreams and believe that they can be and do anything they are passionate about. Because, in the end, you are the one who creates your own life, and you are the one who decides who and what you will become. So choose to follow your heart, and it will lead you to success and happiness. Don't care what people think of you, just be confident and stay in your power. I see so many people who are settling for less than what they really want, and it is sad. I want to show them that anything is possible".

Coming from Norway, she had nothing but a vision of what her life would be like in sunny California. She knew what she wanted, but did not know how to get there. When she found the Free Culture Santa Barbara open mic and started performing there, doors began to open, and she began collaborating with several musicians. She is now working on recording her songs, and she says that she is "loving the process of it, and learning more and more every day".

Aside from working on her sociology degree at Santa Barbara City College, she is now fully embracing her new life as a recording and performing artist.
Shennie Singing With Her Band In Santa Barbara, California
Although she loves listening to all kinds of different music, her main influence is Christina Aguilera, and she loves bands like The Killers, Kings of Leon and 30 Seconds to Mars. She also enjoys the music of Jack Johnson, John Mayer and Coldplay. Basically, she "loves listening to ANYTHING I can sing to!".

Shennie will be performing at Soho June 6th at 1:30PM.
She is also available for gigs at parties such as proms, graduations and weddings.
To listen to her songs and see her videos, check her out at , and for more info on her go to

Shennie dresses up as Marilyn Monroe to sing at our prom
Shennie waiting to go on as Marilyn at our prom - she was fabulous - her voice has even more power in person than on her Youtube videos...

New Picture Of Shennie Smith - June 2009
This is a really cute picture but I am not sure what the boxes are for - cold ears?

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