Honey Do You Think I'm Fat?

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  • How many times in your life have you thought, I don't need to diet?
  • Have we always been this way?
  • Is your New Years Resolution usually to lose weight?
  • If so many women want to lose weight so badly, why are we just getting fatter?
  • Are there women in the world today who don't diet?

Women are smarter these days: we no longer believe we can lose 10 pounds over the weekend, or that the secret to dieting is to drink diet shakes and nothing else until desired shrinkage of anatomy is achieved. No one can forget Oprah lugging 65 lbs of animal fat in a little red wagon onto the stage of her talk show so as to illustrate how much fat she had “dropped” (if only it just fell off). Oprah also made magazine ads for, L’Oreal, I believe it was, and she danced and stretched and squatted her lithe little bod, clad in the most unforgiving of black lycra bodysuits across two shiny pages of every women’s magazine on the globe.

Two months later she probably wished she had never tossed her proverbial hat into the public arena, because she was fatter than ever, more massive that before, bulgier and cellulitier than in her old days of being just plain fat. America suffered through a month of Oprah’s diatribes on the fad, or fasting diet. Oprah is probably the only woman in existence whose bodily growth acted only positively on her net worth, at least she could say “yes I am fat but Donatella will make a 3x just for me”. Even with all that money, she must have had days where she didn’t want to go out the door; Her failure made so much worse by the fact that it was public, and the failure to lose becomes magnified because she does have a private staff devoted to cooking and helping her exercise, and she still couldn’t keep her fingers off the fried chicken. Related Article:  Honey..Think I'm Fat?