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Sliced Radishes

Slice radishes thin and marinate along with cucumber slices in French dressing. Serve as a relish with hamburgers for something different.

Author: NEWSPAPER, Daily Capital News, Jefferson City, Mo. Wednesday, February 23, 1966 Page 5 02-23-1966

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SMØRRBRØD (Open Sandwiches), Danish

Beyond a doubt the Danish open sandwiches are the most famous feature of Danish cooking -- an idea that is, strangely enough, strictly Danish and not known even in neighboring countries.

There are hundreds of variations and new ones are constantly coning up. They range all the way from the four pieces with quite simple "flat" spreading on top, which office workers bring with them to work, and which they eat during their lunch hour with a bottle of milk, to the gloriously colored pyramid compositions eaten at restaurants, so abundant that three pieces can easily make a meal.

They drink internationally known Danish beer with the latter; in fact, open sandwiches without beer in Denmark would be as ridicoulous as a hamburger sandwich without the hamburger in this country. Also, in addition to the beer with these sandwiches, they drink Danish "snaps", (Aeiborg Akvavit -- available at better liquour stores), which is a clear innocent looking drink which tastes divine, and has the most wonderful ability to make you happier, loosen your restraints and make social occasions a general success.

    Recipes for some typical Danish sandwiches follow. The bread can be a firm rye bread, sliced thinly, white or French bread. Fish is usually the starter, followed by meat and salad, and finally a variety of cheeses. Let your imaginatior be your guide!
Preparation Instructions

Variation 1

Marinerede sild (Marinated Herring)

As the proper type of herring is difficult to buy in this country, it is recommended that you use regular pickled herring available at delicatessens. Drain herring pieces well before putting them on buttered bread (preferably rye). Decorate with sliced or chopped fresh onions.
Variation 2

flogSildld (Eggs and Herring)

Spread slices of hard-boiled egg on buttered bread and place one or more boned herrings lengthwise on the egg. Decorate with cress.
Variation 3

Røget Laks be Rpraeg (Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs)

Put a piece of fresh smoked salmon on buttered bread and decorate with a strip of cold scrambled egg. Top with finely chopped green dill or fresh spring onion.
Variation 4

Hummersalat (Lobster Salad)

Mix small pieces of cold, freshy cooked, lobster and asparagus in mayonnaise, seasoned with tarragon vinegar. Place a lettuce leaf on each piece of buttered French bread and spread with mixture. Garnish with an extra piece of lobster and one or two asparagus tips. Serve immediately.
Variation 5

Italiensk Salat (Italian Salad)

Mix together cooked diced carrots, finely cut asparagus, small peas and mayonnaise. If desired, add. a few drops of tarragon vinegar just before stirring in the vegetables. Place a lettuce leaf on buttered bread and place a thick layer of salad on top; decorate with tomato slice and cress.
Variation 6

Tomat og g (Tomato and egg)

On a piece of buttered bread place slices of hardboiled. egg. On another slice of bread arrange slices of tomato. Garnish with cress and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Variation 7

Flaeskesteg (Gold Roast Pork)

Spread thin slices of roast pork on buttered bread and decorate with crisp pieces of rind or crackling, jellied consomme, pickles, cucumber salad, or pickled beet slices.
Variation 8

Flaeskesteg (Gold Roast Pork)

Spread thin slices of roast pork on buttered bread and decorate with crisp pieces of rind or crackling, jellied consomme, pickles, cucumber salad, or pickled beet slices.
Variation 9

Flaeskesteg Oksesteg (Roast Beef)

Spread bread with butter and put on slices of roast beef. Decorate with small pile of chopped pickle at one end, and shredded horse-radish at the other. For a center decoration use a slice of tomato, cut halfway through and twisted so it will stand upright.

Contributed by Mrs. Z. Henipel, 1950

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