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The Accommodations

We landed in a "Mini Suite" which was very nice; spacious, simply but tastefully decorated in wood with stainless steel accents and a very large bathroom with fun, unexpected amenities. The tub sat underneath a large picture window so one could gaze out upon the surrounding fields while bathing.

A Mini Suite at the Lindner Binshof Spa in Hessen, Germany
The Suite has Two Levels, Decorated in Simple Elegance and Designed for Comfort.

Spacious sleeping quarters of the suite are upstairs.
The Upper Level Opens up to a Spacious Bedroom and Fully Equipped Master Bath.


Lindner Spa Binshof In Germany

This summer we were lucky enough to take a vacation to Germany and Italy and my In laws gave me a gift certificate to the Lindner Spa Binshof which is about 80 kilometers outside of Frankfurt, where we were flying home from. I have never been to a spa before, so this was a special treat but I was unsure of which services to use. Actually, I could have kept myself busy with the different pools, saunas and steam baths alone.

The indoor part of the 2 percent salt water pool at spa Lindner Binshof.

The main pool was a beautiful blue sparkly indoor/outdoor pool that had a 2% salt content (the salt is from the Dead Sea). The water was a perfect temperature; neither too warm nor too cold. The funky shape and the "secret passages" to the outdoor half of the pool appealed to my kids (and to the kid in me).

 There were also two strong jets spurting water into the pool, which I first took for a water version of a stationary bike as they made it possible to swim in place. (Spa staff later told me they were there for back massage and were really too weak for swimming in place. I stick by my first assessment.)

Once sufficiently pruned by the pool, we ventured down into the "Textile Free Area" (Nude) where the various saunas and steam baths are located. After stifling the giggles that started to erupt from my children, we chose the steam bath which happened to be empty. Steam bath at the spa.The Spa Steam Bath

This particular steam bath is kept between 45 and 50 degrees Celsius (113° - 122° F) and has 100% humidity, which means you are completely dripping wet after about 5 minutes.

The spa recommends partaking of the steam bath for 10 to 20 minutes, after which you hop into a cold shower. Aromatherapy is also at work, and you will find yourself lulled into a steamy trance by the scent of rosemary and mint.

The benefits of such steamy bathing are said to be purification of the skin (you sweat like a porker in there) and repertory system, as well as revitalizing you (which may come from the cold shower afterward). Altogether a very relaxing experience, and my personal favorite in the sauna and steam bath category.

Nothing beat this, however:

Solegrotte thumbnail

Pop Quiz!
Is this:
a) a Disco?
b) a tribute to Las Vegas?
c) a Chapel?

Find out when we continue with our exciting tale of "A Day at the Spa, Part 2!


DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE SPA? Care to tell us why it's your favorite?

What should I do at a spa?

Use the free stuff first!

A good spa will be able to keep you busy with the in-house amenities - pools, saunas, steam baths, relaxation rooms and outdoor activities.

 Depending on your budget and time, the paid services or "Treatments" can be well worth it.

  • Treatments
  • Start out small and with something you feel comfortable with. Are you really ready for a full body massage? (Buck Naked..)
  • I chose three extra services at my spa trip: a pedicure, a facial and the aforementioned full body massage! (Blush - somehow I didn't picture it as me in my birthday suit alone in a room with a (male) Russian masseur!)

  • The facial was fantastic! Linder uses the exclusive "Babor" line of beauty products - they tell me they are really great. But I have to say, I looked fantastic after my girl got done with me.
  • Not that it was easy! She spent a good hour steaming, cleansing, peeling (scrub - not chemical) squeezing and plucking - she did a great job on my eyebrows, I looked mildly interested in everything for at least the next 3 months!

  • The Pedicure was well worth the money! Having one's feet pampered is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself. You feel better afterwards, and being able to show off your tastefully polished toes in some snazzy new summer sandals is just bunches of fun!

  • The Full Body Massage was fine - not as good as I had expected. Next time I will try one of the other types of massage. I like a rigorous massage, and I found this one to be a bit too mild.