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Spa Accommodations

Double Room Accommodation at Spa Lindner Bad Ausee.
The rooms are lovely at the spa.



Lindner Spa Bad Ausee In Austria

Balcony View Lindner Spa Bad Ausee, Austria
We arrived at the spa at night, so I got quite a surprise when I stepped out on to our balcony and was met with a spectacular view of the Austrian Alps and this little village suburb of Bad Ausee.

Linder Spa Bad Ausee Golf Course.
The entire place is a postcard just waiting to happen! Here you see the golf course belonging to the spa.

Roof-top Deck Off the Tea Room at Spa.
This is the roof-top deck off of the tea-room. Needless to say the view is spectacular, and yes, those are flowers planted atop the roof. The effect is a bed of flowers that appears to connect seamlessly with the green lawns below. Visitors may make themselves a cup of tea, then relax on one of the many lawn chairs while taking in the serenity of the Austrian Alps. (Hey, that sounds pretty good! Maybe I have a future in writing travel brochures!)

Spa Amenities

The water in all the pools use salt instead of chlorine, and the temperature is very pleasant. Imagine this view in the winter!

Outdoor Whirlpool and Sauna with View of Mountains.
Here is the outdoor whirlpool, the water wasn't hot though, I guess because it was summer. The little room behind the whirlpool is a dry-heat sauna - the type we see most in the US.

Tea Selection
The selection of tea to enjoy on the deck.

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