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Kelly Tran

Competing In: Ms. America 2009-2010 Pageant.Kelly Tran - Competing in Ms. California Beauty Pageant 2009 - 2010
When: Over The Labor Day Weekend, September 6, 2009
Where: the Double Trees Hotel in Ontario.

Description: This pageant is for women 26 years of age and up: Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced. The pageant website and information regard to this event can be found at:

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Colleen Hunter

Competing In: Miss California 2010
Colleen Hunter - Contestant for Miss California

Colleen Hunter is a native of California growing up in both Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

A very involved young woman Hunter was involved in many activities throughout school like cheer, dance, choir, and French club.

She also donated her time and fundraising abilities to local charities one being relay 4 life. After graduating high school with honors Colleen moved back to Los Angeles to follow her passion as a fashion model. Pageant Website:

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