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Irish Keepsake Jewelry Displayed On Shamrock
St. Patrick's Day 2009

Irish Shamrock
Claddagh Jewelry from Ireland Wedding and Family Rings, Pendants.
Irish Shamrock
Irish Shopping, Irish Gifts, Jewelry And Other Items
Irish Shamrock
Mens Stainless Steel Claddagh Engraved Spinner Band
Mens Stainless Steel Claddagh Engraved Spinner Band
"His Stainless Steel band features an unexpected twist! The outer band spins smoothly to display the traditional Claddagh motif."
Irish Shamrock



Shamrock BorderShamrock Border

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St. Patrick's Day Irish Shamrock
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Irish Shamrock

A Limerick Is a Simple Verse Seldom Windy-Often Terse

There was a young lady from Lynn
Who was so exceedingly thin
That when she assayed
To drink lemonade
She slipped through the straw
and fell in.

Irish Shamrock

There once wqs a peg-logged sot
Who started to dance the gavotte,
His wooden leg crumbled;
Said he as he tumbled:
"It's termites, believe it or not."

Irish Shamrock

There was an old man at the Cape
Who made himself garments of crape;
When asked "Will they tear?"
He replied "Here and there,
But they keep such a beautiful

(Appeared in column by FRANK COLBY - Oakland Tribune, Sunday, Aug. 27, 1950)

Irish Shamrock

Irish Shamrock Irish Shamrock Purple Flower Irish Shamrock
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