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If you are interested in the generations, and how we change over time, have I got some books for you!:
The Fourth Turning

Find hundreds of nostalgic collectibles from the 1920s to the 1980s at

Roaring '20s Gangster Dollars

1920s Peace Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated
In the 1920's a new car cost $290, a new suit cost $15.85 and a pack of cigarettes cost a $.10. However, if you were a bootlegger or a bank robber, paying these outrageous prices was easy-- you just reached into your canvas sack of 1,000 Peace Silver Dollars to pay for everything! Seen At

Candies in the 70s - Le Freak, C'est Chic!
Retro Places of Interest -
(Real World)
  1. Hallmark Visitor Center - Kansas City, Missouri. Hallmark has been keeping in tune with American society and emotions since 1910! This is a great stop for anyone interested in "Getting to Know America" as consumer products and their corresponding advertisements are a reflection of us! Hallmark puts it so:
    "Take a walk through history in our showcase of historical artifacts from more than nine decades of Hallmark history."

    Note: this is a different site than, where you can buy Hallmark cards & flowers, etc.
  2. New Exhibit Now Open!
    Making The Grade: First Ladies & Education - 205 & 331 Market Avenue South, Canton, Ohio 44702. Tel: (330) 452-0876 -
  3. The Corning Museum of Glass


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Newspaper Archive - Discover Your Family History

What Would I Do with out the Newspaper Archive? Better than any history book or documentary - old newspapers are more truthful and give a far more accurate picture of what we were like "back then"!

No re-writing of history, no politically correct filter - just the naked truth! I could spend all day reading old newspapers! The only way to get to know a decade - if such a thing is possible.

Carol Wright Gifts - As Seen On TV!Carol Wright Gifts ( is a catalog and a website. Established in 1972, Carol Wright Gifts features a diverse range of categories including Personal Care, Home Furnishings, Kitchen & Dining, Outdoor & Garden, Household Helpers, Women's & Men's Apparel, Shoes & Slippers, Leisure Travel, Clearance and As Seen On TV products.

ESPRIT LOGORead about the history of ESPRIT. Did you know Esprit started out in San Francisco?

Pyrex Logo The History Of Pyrex - Did you know that the first PYREX "Baking Dishes" were actually the bottoms of two sawed-off battery jars made from low-expansion glasses? That we have a gal named Bessie Littleton to thank for the wonder that are Pyrex baking dishes? It seems in 1913, Bessie convinced her husband, a scientist at Corning Glass Works, to bring her those battery jars and then promptly used them to bake a cake! It must have been one darn good one too, because on May 18, 1915, Boston department store Jordan Marsh placed the first PYREX bakeware order. Read the full "Bessie and the Battery Jars" Story! New: Bessie's Son Harvey's recollections

Playtex Turns 75 - Happy 75th Birthday Playtex.
Playtex turns 75 this year! Now owned by Hanesbrands, Inc., Playtex started out in 1932 with the decidedly unfeminine name of International Latex Company (ILC). ILC sold bathing caps and gradually expanded their line into aprons, slippers, baby pants and other products benefiting from latex. Playtex's breakthrough product, the Playtex Living Girdle made them a household name. Here is a nice one page history of Playtex on

Adidas Logoadidas began in 1920, when Adi Dassler made his first shoes using the few materials available after the First World War. The first Adi Dassler sports shoes produced after the Second World War are made using canvas and rubber from American fuel tanks. (Now they make them out of different things...). Here's the full adidas history! Here is some 1970s adidas fashion that I have come across.

Historical Macys SignThe first Macy's store opened in 1858 and sold "Fancy Dry Goods". Macy's went on to start many other time honored traditions such as the first in-store Santa in 1862, the first female store manager in 1866 and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Macy's is truly an icon in American History.  If you are a Macy's Shopper, here is my big list of all the current coupons.

Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. has been around since 1904. On the bottom of the home page there is a nice timeline depiction of the company's history. If you are a sports nut, or you are married to one, this store will keep you flush with the perfect gift for your nut for the next 1000 years. For example, you can get the jersey Shaun Alexander wore during his rookie year with the Seahawks...

The Gap Retrospective
The Gap has a short pictorial history, starting with the opening of the first store in 1969 in San Francisco.  Remember "Fall into The Gap"? That campaign was kicked off in 1974. If you would like to browse the Gap Retrospective, you will find it here (on the corporate site). Should you get the itch to do some shopping, then you will need to go to Logo has a retrospective on their site right now called "60 Years of the Bikini" with pictures of bikinis starting from the 1930s all the way up to the present! It is worth taking a peek! Off to Figleaves Bikini History

1938 Kelloggs Corn Flakes Ad.Kelloggs is celebrating it's 100th Birthday and has a retrospective of their advertising for the entire 100 year period! I am trying to borrow some for Retro Housewife, but in the meantime, you can find it here.

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I found the ship manifest with my fathers family on it when they emigrated to the US. It is amazing what you can find! 

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  2. Birth, Marriage & Death Records (Free)
  3. 1901 Wales Census
  4. Downloadable Family Tree Template
  5. Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years
  6. Tribute to Jackie Kennedy
  7. The Search for Ida
  8. The Walt Disney Family Museum

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