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Texas Star CHARITY Beauty Pageant

Hi everyone! I am super excited to say that the applications have been completed for Texas Star CHARITY Beauty Pageant.

As always, we strive to make a difference and have a wonderful production that all enjoy. And as always, we provide awards to not only the winners, but all who enter because all are wonderful.

After MUCH debate, we have chosen this years charity cases. First, we will donate some earnings to Heart Beats of Hope, an organization that not only help all children at Texas Children's Hospital, but the families of the children in that hospital that are right here in Southeast Texas. So we are helping our neighbors.

Next, we will be collecting BIG FLUFFY SOFT towels for the burn victims in the same hospital. These children often complain and cry out from the harsh towel the hospital provides because their skin is so sensitive. We will use one of our past families, the family of the late Angela Brown, to help us with this task. Angela was the 13 year old child we helped last year. She has since traveled with angels to heaven, but she and her family have said they are so touched by our support. They have started a program called Angela's Hugs that helped the children who are at Texas Children's Hospital because they know what it is like.

They say that the staff there is amazing, but the children still need a pick me up (and that's where we want to help)

So!!!!! Take a look at our entry sheet please. Pass on the word PLEASE. The more we get to enter, the more we can help. So even if you are not interested, please send this forward so someone else may be able to see it. Lacy and I will be happy to answer any questions.

We will also raffle a $50 gift card to Wal-Mart. These tickets are $1 each and anyone may purchase one. All tickets sold can count as part of your entry fee. You can read more on the entry form. Raffle tickets can be emailed to you. I do not have them at this time, but they will be ready tomorrow (5-14-09).

Thanks and have a great day!

Lacy Williams and Kari Stringer

Directors of Majestic Star Productions.

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