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Thanksgiving Plans

Mr. and Mrs. Madison Putnam and daughters, Karen, Pamela and Alicia, have gone to Webster to spend Thanksgiving with Mrs. Putnam's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Denham. Mrs. Putnam and the children will remain to visit over the week-end.


Electing to "eat out" this Thanksgiving were Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gibbs, Davey and Robbie, who, accompanied by Mrs. Gibb's sister, Miss Margaret Anderson, went to Marshalltown to meet the women's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Anderson, and their brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Petersen, all of Gowrie, and also their brother, Mr. John Anderson of Eagle Grove. Iowa City Press-Citizen - Thursday, November 22, 1951


A 1950s THANKSGIVING1957 Drawing of Young Girl Serving Thanksgiving Turkey

Dressing a Turkey 1950s Style - Did They Wear Poodle Skirts?

 "NO PAPER THURSDAY" - The Ada News in keeping with custom of many years, will not publish an edition on Thanksgiving Day; the employes will join other residents in the Holiday.
No Paper Thursday - Ada Evening News Announcement the day before Thanksgiving, 1950


1951 Small Pilgrims Prepare FeastPilgrims who cooked the first Thanksgiving day dinner probably got no bigger thrill from the experience than these Lincoln school children who dressed in Pilgrim costume and prepared a feast of their own this week.

The cooks, left to right, are Janny Glassman, fourth grade; Andrea Boehmer fourth grade, and Kristin Thorstensen, third grade. Iowa City Press-Citizen - Thursday, November 22, 1951






      Purple Flower



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