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Thanksgiving Wreaths

2007 Autumn Grove Wreath
Autumn Grove Wreath



Hello all! It is hard to believe, but we are fast approaching another Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), which means that those of us who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner 2007 are probably in the process of planning the menu, sending invitations (whether they are formal written ones, or a head count performed over the phone or email) and wondering whether we can afford a new set of china what with Christmas coming up!

Speaking of China, this year anything new that I buy will not be "Made in China" because I have become a bit nervous with all of the recalls and poisonings. It has not been easy, even my local Vons has been carrying the most darling Thanksgiving items, that I have been tempted! But so far so good.

2007 Montgomery Ward Thanksgiving Shop I have already bought the latest Good Housekeeping issue with all of the Thanksgiving recipes in it, and some of them look mighty tasty! This year I want to add a few retro recipes so I have been busy trying to find some gems. One benefit of this has been in discovering some tidbits from the past to use to build out the Retro Thanksgiving section! Do take a look!






Thanksgiving Themed Napkin Wild Turkey Thanksgiving Napkin
Let Us Give Thanks Napkin Horn of Plenty Thanksgiving Napkin Harvest Napkin
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