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Big Love Husband Bill
Husband Bill


(By RH Contributor Nikki)

 or, How HBO is making a fortune by looking into heretofore taboo and embarrassing niches of American culture and letting us ogle at their depravity without even having to buy a magazine or do a web search. HBO presents Perversity on Primetime!

I am not saying I am above it all, I am ensnared among with the rest of ya’ll. (Those of you saying to yourselves, “Not I!” I ask of you, which crime was worse, Nikki’s $60 thou shopping mishap, or Nikki doing the Horizontal Mambo in Third Wife’s marital bed?)

While those in denial (not the river in Egypt) are thinking this through, the rest of us who admit we watch BIG LOVE can examine the characters of the wives and figure out why we even care about these weirdo’s, or if we are simpatico with some of them at all. (Not counting Roman’s clan on the compound; it’s a given he is a lying cheating murderous thieving hypocrite who may have crossed over into complete psychosis many years ago.

Interesting aside: I used to think that Brigham Young University/college/place of consensual brainwashing was only for Mormons, (I guess it is mostly for Mormons) and because I knew a little bit of how their faith revolved on John Doe and Joseph Smith Bumping Into Jesus one day as they were skinny dipping in the Great Salt Lake and henceforth bringing a new gospel to those who were just dying for a sequel (think how you would have like Margaret Mitchell to patch things up between Scarlet and Rhett) Think Old Testament, New Testament, and then the New and Improved Testament with a free no-tears onion slicer! Well, I thought the Utahan / Mormon college was called Bring ‘em Young, because only the very unsophisticated and ignorant would fall for this religion, so best git ‘em before the younglings have the ability to make a conscious decision.

Back on Subject- with which of Big Love’s Character’s do we best relate, or for whom do we feel a bit of sympathy?

I have noticed that I truly want to send money to a “Get out of Polygamy” support group when I see the characters falter in their “beliefs” or what they had thought were their “beliefs” in the principle of polygamy.

We Pretty much know that Barb, seemingly educated, intelligent, level headed Barb, was scared into becoming Wife # 1 out of 2 and then out of 3, by her own seemingly imminent death by uterine cancer. At the very least she was looking at being unable to care for her children for the time of her illness and then hopefully her recovery, at the worst she was abandoning her kids by dying, leaving them to a workaholic father who probably started believing in “the principle” so he could keep up his hours at the Home Improvement store and still have his kids looked after.

 He had been exiled by his own family and religion at 15 yrs of age, and he was just on the verge of showing the world who was the better man/ descendant of the prophet. (How many prophets can a religion have? Even the Ancient Greeks limited themselves to a few enigmatic readings of the oracle at Delphi and the scrutiny of bird entrails when the urge for prophesy took them.)

So, with Barb, we appear to have a desperate, yet pragmatic woman who wants a mother for her children after she dies, as it seems she is going to, and as she is offered a chance to pick her successor this is a painful yet unmistakable bonus, and the new wife comes with much needed funding for the horrible bank-breaking and heart-breaking dirge of cancer, Barb does was many of us might have done is such a desperate situation.

And Then We Have Wifey Numero Duo. She feels honored to be one of “power and money and a bit of blackmail make me a prophet” Roman’s 132 kids. Roman is 76 and about to take his 14th (?) wife, a lovely girl of 15. All this sits hunky dory with Nikki, who seems a little too close with her father for comfort, if you all remember her sons birthday party where she and Roman were found giggling and canoodling in the master bedroom.

I am glad that Nikki told us how her father once left a wife at an Arco station as his harem headed out of town, because I think that is a good way for her to call it a polygamist day. “Don’t worry, Number two, this credit card is good for 48 hours and this shell station has a snack shop!”

And so we progress to wife # 3, Margene, who seems to have drifted into this “family out of loneliness. Which of us did not cheer when she lit up an American Spirit in the bathroom and like Dorothy Gale wished to be far, far, away?

It does amaze me how little time seems to be taken with all those babies, there are at least 4, I believe, leaving lots of time for baptisms, barbeques, gardening and gossip. Poopy diapers must be piling up somewhere in one of those three houses. I lost a little of my sympathetic understanding of Margene, when she cannon-balled into the pool and swore her allegiance to her sister wives (who treat her like a cockroach, despite the fact that Margene is the most open, honest and loving of them all.) I just hope her enthusiasm doesn’t come back to hit her in that face like a wet fish or dead lobster, now that she has forsaken all the outside influences that were guiding her towards a more mainstream, and perhaps more loving life.

Luckily HBO is going to give us the entire armpit view of Big Love by showing all 11 episodes before the season finale. I was too upset to watch the first few episodes because of the documentaries I had seen about polygamy. All the women who had “escaped” talked like they had been prisoners of war, or trapped in a cult. I wonder, is their any accuracies in this show about being a polygamist? I’m glad I just a polyglot. Opinions anyone?





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