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Avila Lighthouse Suites
This is the best place to stay! Nice rooms, right on the beach, stuff for kids to do...Ask if the owner's suite is available!


Avila Beach

Avila Beach is an often overlooked weekend destination in California about half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. There is only one exit off the 101 to get there and if you blink, you'll miss it. Just after Pismo Beach, and right before you go round the bend and head towards San Luis Obispo, take the Avila Beach Dr exit and you are good to go.

The Beach and Pier at Avila Beach

Avila is a tiny little town, but boasts a pedestrian boardwalk along the beach, great beaches full of lots of sand, and occasional excitement and a sense of danger contributed by the presence of Carcharodon carcharias (better known as the Great White Shark) in the sparkling blue water.

Don't let that hold you back though, the water is way too cold for sensible people to swim in anyway, and the last person to get eaten was swimming amongst the seals, which is just asking for trouble. Stay on dry land and you'll be fine.






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