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Traditional Danish Windmill in Solvang


Things to Do
  1. Wine & Dine
  2. Sight See
  3. Biking

Mandolina Wine Shop and Tasting Room in Solvang

Places Nearby

  1. Cachuma Lake - Info: 805-686-505
  2. Buellton
  3. Van den Berg Air force Base



Hamlet Square in Solvang, California

In case you have never heard of Solvang, it is this kooky little town just north of Santa Barbara, in the Santa Ynez valley.

Why is it kooky? It looks just like Denmark1, that's why. Think of yourself driving merrily along Highway 101 in Southern California, with Spanish this and Spanish that, and all of a sudden you find yourself right smack dab in the middle of Denmark. Kooky, I say!

But quaint too, and worth a trip if you have never been, and are in the area. This is a great place for kids, too, as long as they can accept the word "No" because Solvang is chalk full of candy stores, bakeries and toy stores. I can tell you from personal experience from my own childhood trips to Solvang, you want it ALL. Even as an adult, I came out of one of the Danish bakeries with enough pastry for 6 people, although we were just two.


Northern European = Great Desserts. (Really, Really GREAT!)

Danish Style Hotel in Solvang, California




Directions to Solvang

  1. Location: 2 -3 Hour Drive North from Los Angeles.
  2. Solvang on Google Maps

Where to Stay

 Picture of a Danish Style House in Solvang, California
Danish Style House in Solvang, California

Watch Tower in Solvang

Lions Peak Vineyards Wine Tasting Room

      Purple Flower



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1 It may interest you to know there is a small town in the North of Denmark that looks just like Southern California. I am not sure why, or whether the residents there have ever heard of Solvang, but it is there, full of big old American cars and burger joints. It has more blonds than Southern California too.