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Old Navy Men's Classic TeesOld Navy Men's Classic Tees
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Review of Men's White Undershirts, RATING: TEST IN PROGRESS

As you are probably aware, you can tell the quality of an item of clothing by what it looks like when it comes out of the wash. This is especially true when it comes to men's white undershirts (the kind typically worn underneath buttondown shirts), because they are of a quite simple design, and overall pretty much the same.... Or are they?

The answer is a big, fat, "NO THEY ARE NOT". I am somewhat of a laundry nut; it is my favorite chore, and I am not above experimenting with different detergents, softeners and washer/dryer settings. White laundry is my favorite because I get to add bleach, and I just love the smell of bleach. (Wierd, I know.)

I have noticed that some of my husband's shirts withstand my abuse better (in some cases much better) than others, so I thought I would share my findings.


The test for white undershirts is easy, and is called wash and wear! Basically I am just sharing my observations from years of washing undershirts, yanking them out of the dryer and folding them up all nice and purty! The undershirts I am reviewing are:

  • Gap Classic T - (Note: The Men's Gap Classic T comes in brown, black, white and charcoal heather. This review of the Gap Classic T is for the white one only, I don't know how the colors hold on the other ones.),
  • Old Navy White Classic Tee,
  • Kirkland (the Costco brand)
  • and
  • Calvin Klein White T

    RETRO HOUSEWIFE, 2007-04-13

    Gap Men's White Classic Tee

    Gap Classic T

    High-quality cotton, prewashed for softness. Classic fit. Crew neck.

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