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Say What?

  1. Feds taking stock of what you've got in Tennessee. News Channel 5
  2. - The marketing company behind the Occupy Wall Street fake uprising - George Soros is providing the funding via the Tides Foundation. Steven Lerner
  3. "I believe in a maximum wage of $100,000,000 - if they can't live on that, then they should go to the re-education camps, and if that doesn't work, they should be be-headed." ROSEANNE BARR IN A RECENT INTERVIEW WITH "RUSSIA TODAY"
  4. "It's about bringing down systems - It doesn't matter what you protest, just protest." Overheard at the SEIU organized "Occupy Wall Street" agitation event.
  5. MLK Memorial Made In China Story
  6. Executive Order 12425 And You - why does a police force need diplomatic immunity?
  7. Levi Loser Pants - Levi's decides to be the uniform of the "Progressive" movement - ie wear Levi's jeans and show the world what a loser you are by wearing the pants of a movement that would just love to install a fascist, 19th Century ideology in the 21st century. I guess they missed the bit where the people who were forced to live under that system for 60+ years were climbing over walls to get away from it. Levi's LOSER PANTS! You TOO can be a complete LOSER!

Top To Bottom Broke

  1. Nine American Cities That Are Going Broke: Camden, NJ, Strafford County, NH, Riverdale, IL, Salem, NJ, Detroit, MI, Harrison, NJ, Jefferson County, AL, Pontiac, MI, Central Falls, RI,
  2. On August 19, 2011, Ritz Interactive, Inc. filed a petition with the court to avail itself of the protections and provisions provided by Chapter 11


For The Curious And Others Looking To Place Blame

  • Jon Corzine (Former Goldman Sachs CEO, Natch..) - walks off with client's money and nobody cares. Where's the money, Jon? I dunno...December 2011
  • Agenda 21 stealth implementation via your local government...called things like "Smart Growth" and frequently described as "sustainable development, sustainable growth etc." Means: property owners are losing their rights and eventually their property.
  • Feds Claimed SunPower’s $1.2 Billion Federal Loan Would Create ‘10-15′ Permanent Jobs - The Department of Energy bragged about giving a $1.2 billion loan guarantee to SunPower, a politically connected solar energy company, to create “10-15 permanent jobs,” raising critical questions as to if California SunPower is the next Solyndra in the ongoing Crony-Gate scandal. The Company Opened A Facility In Mexico.
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Just about everything she says and does.
  • Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) - On July 6, 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a rule that protects the health of millions of Americans by helping states reduce air pollution and attain clean air standards. This rule, known as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), requires 27 states to significantly improve air quality by reducing power plant emissions that contribute to ozone and/or fine particle pollution in other states. Even unions are against it: Union workers in Missouri recognize that the EPA’s aggressive push will cost consumers more money while threatening to destroy jobs.
  • Google Forfeits $500 Million Generated by Online Ads & Prescription Drug Sales by Canadian Online Pharmacies - The government wants to control where and from who you get your medicine. Only they have the right to decide what medical treatment is appropriate for you. Eventually, this will be decided based on their perceived worth of you to society.
  • Justice Department Sues to Block AT&T's Takeover of T-Mobile - "...On Wednesday, AT&T announced plans to move 5,000 T-Mobile call center jobs back to the U.S. after the deal's completion, in another appeal to regulators. The company's announcement came just hours before the Justice Department filed its lawsuit." August 31,2011
  • The US Justice Department Tries to Put Guitar Maker Gibson Out Of Business - Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz was a guest yesterday on The Dana Show and explained what led to the raid this week at two Gibson facilities where armed federal agents seized guitars, wood and company records, forcing Gibson to send hundreds of workers home. Due to the disruption in production at four factories, the company lost $1 million this week. It appears that Gibson is located in Tennessee, a right to work state - meaning out of the reach of the Unions. August 27, 2011
  • Executive Order 13575 Establishment of the White House Rural Council June 9, 2011 - Meddling in the lives of rural Americans, possibly as a precursor to implementing the UN's hideous Agenda 21.

Fascism Lives


  • Lynn Woolsey Many of the more than fifty thousand undocumented students who graduate from U.S. high schools each year exemplify hard work and a great commitment to their studies. However, they are unable to gain in-state tuition or higher education assistance under current law. That's why, last Congress, I was a cosponsor of the DREAM Act, a bill that would have allowed states to determine their own residency rules, and enabled them to offer financial assistance, such as in-state tuition, to these deserving students. Under this bill some students would have been eligible for special immigration relief. The DREAM Act passed the House with my support on December 8, 2010. Unfortunately, the Senate failed to pass this bill during the 111th Congress. Be assured that I will support legislation that provides a sensible solution to address illegal immigration. Again, it's good to hear from you. The people of Marin and Sonoma counties are the most important voices I listen to as I serve in Congress. Lynn Woolsey Member of Congress and traitor

Business Busts

  1. Clean Burn Fuels Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Vows To Re-Organize - The plant had received $35 million in loan guarantees from the U.S. Agriculture Department in 2007.
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